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Unleash Your Puppy's Potential!

Explore our Puppy Programs Designed for Your Growing Pup

Elevate Your Puppy's Potential with Houston DogWorks!

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is an exciting adventure.  But amidst the puppy fun, remember you have a crucial responsibility to shape your pup into a confident and well-adjusted companion. 


Shaping your dog’s future starts now. While vaccinations are crucial, experts at the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) warn that behavioral issues, not illness, are the leading cause of dog euthanasia under 3 years old.  

At Houston DogWorks, we understand this critical period. Our comprehensive puppy programs will equip you with the knowledge and skills to nurture your puppy’s potential.  Learn to safely socialize, establish obedience, and raise a happy, confident puppy.

Puppy Programs

puppy obedience training

Board and Train

Private Training Sessions

Structured Daycare

Reinforced Dog Training

puppy obedience in houston

Board and Train

puppy training classes near me

Private Training Sessions

Structured Daycare

Reinforced Dog Training

teach my puppy manners

Coming Soon

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your new puppy? 

Houston DogWorks offers a variety of puppy training programs designed to not only address the most common new puppy challenges, but we develop an individualized program for you and your puppy that will set you both up for a lifetime of success.

Choose the puppy training program that's right for you: 

"This is by far the best dog training business in the state of Texas. Josh, the owner, is a dedicated, emphatic, and science based dog trainer. He is the teacher and you're the student. As long as you can understand that relationship and do your work outside of the lessons, you and your dog will be very successful.

Training your dog is not something that takes a week or a month. Houston Dog Works understands this and will help you through the process and unique difficulties of training your individual dog to create REAL reliability."

Jordan Olinsky ⚙️ Houston, TX

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