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Houston DogWorks is a comprehensive dog training facility located in Houston, Texas. Founded by Josh Wiggins in 2019, our mission is to help dogs and their owners build a mutually fulfilling relationship and have a little fun along the way.


Josh Wiggins


Josh is the Owner and Director of Training at Houston DogWorks. He’s experienced working with breeds from all 7 groups, and has helped clients and their dogs on a wide variety of training needs, from behavioral rehabilitation to competitive obedience. 


Josh has been a nationally ranked AKC Obedience competitor every year he has shown. He is a contributor to Front & Finish magazine, the “voice of dog obedience training and events," and has also been featured in articles by AKC Sports, PetTalk magazine, and German Shepherd Dog Club of Washington State. Josh is a AKC Canine Good Citizen Program evaluator.


Josh is originally from Baton Rouge, and has spent most of his life in Houston. He is a University of Houston alum and worked as professional musician including numerous productions with the Houston Symphony and Houston Grand Opera and also served as a private trumpet instructor before transitioning into dog training. 

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