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At Houston DogWorks, we don't just train dogs, we empower partnerships. Founded in 2019 by Josh Wiggins, a dedicated dog enthusiast and experienced trainer, we focus on building strong, lasting connections between humans and their canine companions. We know that a well-trained dog isn't just about commands and obedience; it's about fostering communication, respect, and trust.

Whether you're seeking basic obedience training, tackling challenging behaviors, or prepping for competitive events, our comprehensive approach caters to your unique needs. Our training techniques prioritize understanding your dog’s individual needs, personality, and motivations. So ditch the frustration, and unlock your dog’s full potential with Houston DogWorks!

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Founder & Director of Training

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Meet the Founder and Director of Training for Houston DogWorks, Josh Wiggins. With over a decade of experience, Josh has helped countless clients navigate the world of dog ownership. 

Josh’s experience extends beyond traditional dog training and behavior modification. He also specializes in gun dog training where he works with bird dogs and their handlers so they can confidently excel in retrieving, pointing, and tracking in the field. It's a unique skill set that demands not just obedience, but also instinct, cooperation, and a deep understanding of the hunting partnership.

Beyond commands and corrections, Josh’s approach to dog training focuses on building trust, understanding, and teaching both ends of the leash. It's about creating a harmonious relationship where both you and your dog can thrive, whether exploring your local trail or navigating the thrill of the hunt.

Josh is actively involved in the sporting dog community, as he is a nationally ranked AKC Obedience competitor, a contributor to Front & Finish magazine, and an AKC Canine Good Citizen Program evaluator. He’s also proud to have been featured in publications like AKC Sports, PetTalk magazine, and the German Shepherd Dog Club of Washington State.

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If you're looking for a dog trainer who goes beyond the leash, check our our training programs.


Josh's Left + Right Hand

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Meet the Dogs of Houston Dog Works

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