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From Chaos to Calm

Fix Your Dog's Behavior in Less Than 30-Minutes a Day 

Is your dog's behavior causing frustration and stress? Do you find yourself struggling with common issues that hinder the joy of pet ownership? Our Obedience Foundations program was created to alleviate these pains and transform your relationship with your furry companion.

If You’re Struggling With

Endless Frustration

Constantly dealing with your dog’s leash pulling, reactivity/aggression, and nuisance barking has turned the joy of having a dog into an exhausting daily struggle.

Unpredictable Dog Behavior

The unpredictability of your dog's actions, from guarding resources to chasing and herding behaviors, leaves you uncertain about how to manage and enjoy your time together.

Feeling Lost in a Sea of Training Tips

Trying various dog training methods without success leaves you feeling overwhelmed and confused about what

Choose the Training Program that’s Right for You

5-Week Hybrid Board & Train

This program is ideal for those who want fast and intensive training with minimal hands-on involvement. So what’s included?

5 week board and train program with 6+ days per week of training 

Private Lessons: we train both ends of the leash, so we’ll finish our curriculum by teaching both you and your dog 

Canine Good Citizen Group Class 

AKC Canine Good Citizen Test 

All program-standard tools


Owner-Coached Foundations

This program is designed for owners who are committed to actively participating in their dog's training journey.

Private Lessons: approximately 11+ private lessons (up to 6 months) where we teach you our straightforward approach to getting you and your dog on the same page.

✔ Foundations Group Class 

✔ AKC Canine Good Citizen Test

✔ All program standard tools

Which Route is Right for You?

Obedience Foundations Roadmap

dog obedience training road map


off leash heel

 Leather 6-ft Leash 

 Training Chain Slip Collar 

15-ft Biothane Long Line

 Dog Training Clicker

Why Our Program?

Our Foundations Obedience Program allows us to guide you and your dog from where you are now, to where you want to be in a timely and cost efficient manner. The fastest way to reach your goals is through our tried, tested, and proven approach; offering tailored training specific to your dog's unique needs and your lifestyle.

"After working with Josh, my relationship with my dog has gone from draining to rewarding. My dog no longer has the behavioral issues we started with, has obedience that is usable in the real world, and even picked up enough tricks to impress friends and family. I routinely get compliments on my dog's behavior in public and more importantly; I am confident to handle her without incident in all kinds of situations out in the world. "

Owen Blyth ⚙️ Houston, TX

We Will Help You Forge a Stronger Bond & Take Back Control of Training

Take the lead in your dog’s training journey today to unlock a happier, well-behaved dog.

Become an Active Partner

We equip you with the tools and ongoing support to foster a proactive partnership with your dog in their development.

Resources at Your Fingertips

Access expert guidance and valuable resources whenever you need them.

Provide a Safe and Enriching Environment

Enrolling in our training program opens the door to our Structured Daycare & Boarding Services.

Unlock Your Dog’s Potential

Looking to further your connection with your dog?

Explore our Continuing Education offerings, providing specialized training opportunities that build upon the foundation established in our Obedience Foundations program.

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