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Level Up Your
Dog's Skills

Continuing Education + Advanced Training
at Houston DogWorks

At Houston DogWorks, we believe training your dog is a lifelong journey of learning, bonding, and creating a well-mannered companion.  Even after completing our foundational programs, there's always more to explore! Our continuing education programs offer exciting opportunities to refine your dog's existing skills, learn new tricks, and even embark on a path towards becoming a certified therapy dog.

"Josh's program is successful because he works with you and your dog - I tried other dog training places but no behavior changed. We needed more time and attention without going broke. Group classes also help us practice in a safe environment. I have a chihuahua/dashound mix, and there are dogs of all breeds and sizes. I appreciate all the time Josh & Kennedy dedicate to this work - it has helped me enjoy walking my dog, and I can take him out in public without stress. I can also manage him at the vet now with no anxiety meds for him."

Bonnie Ewing ⚙️ Houston, TX

Ready to Keep Exploring?

Houston DogWorks is your one-stop shop for all things dog training – from foundational obedience to advanced skills and specialized programs.  Explore our continuing education options today and discover new ways to connect, learn, and grow with your beloved canine companion! 

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