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Unleash Your Competitive Edges

Raise the Bar

Ready to push your training boundaries and enter the exciting world of competitive dog sports?  Houston DogWorks offers Competition Coaching, a program designed to help you and your canine companion refine your skills and excel in Obedience or Rally competitions.

Are You Ready to Compete?

This program is ideal for dog owners who have:

Successfully completed our advanced obedience training program 

A strong desire to compete in AKC Obedience or Rally events.

A dedication to consistent practice and ongoing training.

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akc obedience titles in houston
akc obedience in houston

Competition Coaching:
A Tailored Approach

At Houston DogWorks, we understand that every dog and handler team is unique.  That's why we offer two personalized coaching options to meet your specific needs:

Private Lessons

Receive one-on-one instruction from our experienced trainers. Private lessons allow for a highly focused training experience, where we can tailor exercises, address specific challenges, and perfect your competition routine.

Small Group Training

Train alongside other dedicated competitors in a small, supportive group setting. This option provides opportunities to practice handling techniques in a simulated competition environment, build teamwork skills, and gain valuable feedback from both trainers and peers.

Benefits of Competition Coaching

Sharpen Your Skills

Take your obedience or rally skills to the next level through focused training exercises and expert guidance.

Competition Preparation

Learn competition rules, handling techniques, and strategies to confidently navigate the world of dog shows.

Confidence Building

Develop a strong partnership with your dog and gain the confidence to excel in competitive settings.

Lifelong Learning

Enjoy the ongoing challenge and camaraderie that competition training offers.

"Can't say enough good things about Houston DogWorks! Great team, super clean facility, and most importantly- top notch dog training. Josh is an extremely knowledgable and talented dog trainer."

Liz Spieler ⚙️ Houston, TX

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you're passionate about dog training and eager to compete with your canine companion, Houston DogWorks Competition Coaching can help you achieve your goals.  


Contact us today to discuss your competition aspirations and learn more about our private lessons and small group training options.  Together, we can turn your competitive dreams into reality!

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