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Properly training your dog grants you peace of mind and opens up a world of freedoms and fun for you to enjoy with your dog. At Houston DogWorks, our goal through training is to build a dog that is a well-adjusted and well-mannered family member and equip them with the skills needed to safely live life out and about in real the world. 


Getting an early start on training with your new puppy is key. This will help prevent bad habits from forming, help build a solid dog/owner relationship and save money and headache over the long term. Our Power Puppy class was designed specifically with this in mind. In this class your puppy will be taught through small challenges how to trust in you as its owner. We will also build confidence, engagement, proper socialization practices, and imprint future obedience training we will use later as your dog matures. We also offer puppy-specific Day Training, Boarding, Daycare via our Puppy-Primer program focused on potty training, good manners, and house rules.

Obedience Foundations

Obedience Foundations is our introductory obedience training program built around the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program. Like all of our adult dog programs, this package begins with an initial consultation followed by private obedience training customized to you and your dog’s needs. Once you and your dog have all of the necessary skills, you will join a group class to put your your new skills to the test. Once your dog earns their CGC title, you are granted access to a Maintenance Group Class for the lifetime of the dog at no additional charge.


In the Obedience Foundations program, your dog will learn proper leash walking skills, coming with called, appropriate greeting of dogs and strangers, sit, down, and stand on command. The CGC title serves as a prerequisite to all of our other training offerings such as Tricks, Therapy Dog, Competition classes, and more. 

Continuing Education

Training your dog never truly ends, it is something you’ll do everyday whether you realize it or not. With that in mind, Houston DogWorks offers a variety of more Advanced and Continuing Education opportunities:

  • Advanced Obedience – For those who’ve earned their CGC want to continue on the obedience training path, this advanced class will teach skills including an introduction to competition focused heeling, off leash reliability, formal "stay" work in all three positions, and recalls under heavy distraction past food and toys. At the end of the class, dogs will test in public at a park or restaurant for both the Advanced Canine Good Citizen (CGCA) and Urban Canine Good Citizen (CGCU) titles.

  • Maintenance Class – Designed for those dogs/owners who have earned their CGC (and above), this class provides the opportunity to come in and practice your skills around other dogs/owners.

  • Trick Dog - We offer two levels of trick classes based around both the AKC and Do More With Your Dog's titling programs. Tricks are a great way to keep your dog engaged and active as well as build confidence while having some fun!

  • Therapy Dog - Once per year, we offer a dedicated course for those who have completed the CGC program and would like to work specifically towards having their dog registered as a Therapy Dog and do the associated work whether it be visiting hospitals, nursing homes, children in schools, libraries for reading programs, and more. 

  • Large Group Social – Large Group Social is a supplementary offering alongside training specifically benefitting dogs who have difficulty navigating social interactions while in the presence of their owners. In conjunction with our training programs, some dogs find great benefit to this social setting, even more than our structured daycare, due to the fact that their owner is present. 


Having a dog with aggression or behavioral issues is serious and needs to be addressed proactively and comprehensibly for your safety, as well as the safety of your dog and the other people/animals they may interact with. Houston DogWorks offers rehabilitation for these dogs. Our rehabilitation program begins with an initial 90 minute consultation to begin realigning your dog's relationship within your family, followed by private lessons that will allow us to tailor the program and progression specifically for your dog’s needs.

Specialty Classes

Houston DogWorks will offer a variety of specialty classes for those dogs who have completed their initial obedience training. Theses classes will vary throughout the year and may include Trick Classes, Competitive Obedience, Retrieving, etc. Our specialty classes provide a fun opportunity for you and your dog to work together on new skills.


For those interested in proving their skills and entering the world of Competion Obedience or Rally with their dog, Houston DogWorks offers Competition Coaching. Private lessons and small group training may be available. Contact us for more information.

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