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how to raise a puppy


Raise the Puppy to
Train the Dog

Explore Houston's Top Puppy Training Programs:

Has your Puppy Taken Over your Life?

Discover the transformative Power Puppy raising program by Josh Wiggins, your go-to for effective dog training in Houston. We will help you proactively raise your puppy so that you can train your dog no fluff, just results.

Problems We Solve in Our Puppy Raising Programs

 Effective Puppy Raising

Say goodbye to accidents with our proven puppy training program.

Learn Appropriate Responses to Distractions

Instill focused attention without the constant demand for your pup's focus no matter the distraction.

Solution to Puppy Destruction

Protect your belongings from those little teeth with our training program.

Behavioral Challenges

Address common challenges like mouthing, jumping, and leash resistance effectively.

The Power Move: ‘Be’ before ‘Do’

Puppy obedience means nothing if your pup can't handle the real world. Power Puppy teaches you and your pup how to 'be' so that later, you can teach them what to 'do'.

Power Puppy Program Entails:

(Age: Up to 16 weeks old)

Owner-Coached Progression (5 private lessons)

This hands-on program equips you with the skills to train your new puppy at home.

5-Days of Daycare

Predictable and safe puppy socialization, reinforced dog training, and crate rest time. 

Who Benefits from Our Power Puppy Program?

The Power Puppy Training Program is tailored for:

Proactive Pup Parents

Gear up for a new puppy or navigate puppyhood with our proactive owner-coached puppy training program.

Puppy Owners Facing Challenges

Overcome current puppy-related headaches with our proven solutions.

Expectant Puppy Parents

Prepare for a smooth transition from puppy pick-up by having an effective plan in place for raising your new puppy.

Why Choose 'Power Puppy' for Your Puppy Training Program?

Most puppy training programs leave you with adult dogs that have lingering issues. Not us. Power Puppy offers proactive solutions to ensure a lifetime of joy with your dog through our specialized power puppy program.

Raise your Pup 
with Our
Power Puppy Program

Proactive Fixes:

Bid farewell to future problems with our expert puppy training owner-coached program.

Skill Mastery:

Our puppy raising program focuses on temperament, ensuring a calm, tolerant, and ready-for-anything pup.

Tailored for 8-16 Weeks:

Benefit from our sweet spot—proactive or in the thick of puppyhood, we've got you covered.

proactive puppy training
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What's In It for You? Personalized Puppy Training Lessons

Real Solutions, Not Excuses:

Transformative puppy raising to ensure a calm, tolerant, and ready-for-anything pup.

✔ Private Lessons, Intensive Training:

No fluff, just easy-to-follow puppy training that will help prepare you and your puppy for the next step in your training journey Obedience Foundations.

Experts on Your Team:

Our Houston-based dog trainers are dedicated to helping you shape your puppy into a confident and well-adjusted puppy.

Ready to Power Up Your Pup? Enroll in Our Houston-Based Power Puppy Program Today.

Join Houston's most in-demand puppy training program. Take the first step - transform your pup's future today.

Facing Other Puppy Problems? 

Find Solutions with our Puppy Training Programs:

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