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Build a Resilient Puppy

Find the perfect fit for your growing pup with our Puppy Programs!

Give your Puppy a Head Start in Life

The Head Start program is a combination of Puppy Primer and Power Puppy. 

While both programs are fantastic options, this combination provides a one-two punch for your pup's success. Board and Train offers a jumpstart on eliminating early behavioral problems and establishing core skills.  Following up with the Power Puppy Training Program allows you to refine these skills, practice in a group setting, and build a strong foundation for a well-behaved adult dog.


Why Start with Puppy Primer

Tailored Training for Fast Results

Unlike traditional classes, our program focuses on individualized attention, addressing specific challenges for faster and more effective results.

24/7 Support and
Real-Life Replication

Your puppy lives in our head trainer's home, ensuring continuous support and real-life training replication.

Problem Prevention and Behavioral Foundations

Proactively prevent ingrained behaviors during crucial developmental stages, laying the foundations for a well-behaved adult dog.


What's After Puppy Primer?

(Age: Up to 16 weeks old)

Looking for a fun and effective way to build on the foundation established through Puppy Primer? Power Puppy is ideal for busy schedules or those wanting to safely socialize their pup. This program will imprint puppy obedience concepts that we'll use later on in Obedience Foundations while also addressing common challenges like potty training and destructive chewing.  Power Puppy consists of two parts: 

Owner-Coached Progression (5 private lessons)

This hands-on program equips you with the skills to train your new puppy at home.

5-Days of Daycare

Predictable and safe puppy socialization, reinforced dog training, and crate rest time. 

By enrolling your puppy in our programs early, you can

Prevent Future Behavioral Problems

Raise a Confident and Well-Adjusted Dog

Strengthen the Bond Between You and Your Furry Friend

Don't Wait Any Longer!

Give your puppy the best start in life by enrolling in the Houston DogWorks Head Start Program. 

"I couldn't believe the difference in just a few weeks! Now our walks are enjoyable, and my furniture is safe!"

Sarah B. ⚙️ Houston, TX

Don't See the Perfect Fit? 

We offer a variety of additional services, including private lessons, continuing education classes, and daycare for clients.  Contact Houston DogWorks today to discuss your puppy's unique needs!

Find the perfect fit for your growing pup with our Puppy Programs!

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