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how to train your puppy


Unleash Your Puppy's Potential!

Explore our Puppy Programs Designed for your Growing Pup

Give your Puppy a Head Start

What is a Board and Train?

Puppy Primer Board and Train is a comprehensive puppy training program where your puppy stays with our experienced head trainer in his home. This immersive approach is designed for struggling puppy owners and proactive dog parents looking to give their pups the best start.

Who Benefits from Board and Train?

Struggling Puppy Owners

Find solutions fast with our intensive Board and Train program.

Proactive Owner

Prepare your puppy for a great life with proactive, professional training and set the right foundations.

Why Choose Puppy Primer Board and Train?

Tailored Training for Fast Results

Unlike traditional classes, our program focuses on individualized attention, addressing specific challenges for faster and more effective results.

24/7 Support and
Real-Life Replication

Your puppy lives in our head trainer's home, ensuring continuous support and real-life training replication.

Problem Prevention and Behavioral Foundations

Proactively prevent ingrained behaviors during crucial developmental stages, laying the foundations for a well-behaved adult dog.

More Than Just Training

This is not your standard puppy training program. We take the lead, ensuring your puppy is prepared for anything life throws at them. We are 'priming' your puppy to succeed in Power Puppy and then our Obedience Foundations program. 

doodle dog training in houston

Why Choose a
Puppy Board and Train?

Faster Results

Intensive training yields quicker results compared to traditional classes or going it alone.

Personalized Attention

Your puppy receives individualized care, addressing specific issues comprehensively.

Behavioral Foundations for a Lifetime

Lay a solid foundation for a well-behaved adult dog, avoiding potential problems in the future.

"I met Josh when my Great Dane was about six months old. She was afraid of everything and I had accidentally trained her to be very reliant on me in the first few months that I had her. I happened to live down the street from the Houston DogWorks facility and reached out to Josh. He was very honest with me about what it would take to get my giant breed dog to the level of obedience that I wanted. Great Danes are notoriously slow to mature and Josh taught me how to be patient and consistent in order to get results. He was very hands on and helpful with any issues that came up as we were going through the training process."

Sarah Alexander ⚙️ Houston, TX

Ready to Transform Your Puppy's Future?

Discover the unparalleled benefits of the Puppy Primer Board and Train program. Whether you're searching for "puppy board and train" solutions or considering "sending your puppy away for training," our intensive, tailored approach ensures a lifetime of joy with your furry friend

Help your puppy blossom with our puppy training programs: 

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